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Gemini Hoop Set

Lightning in a bottle, you take life a heartbeat at a time, never stopping and adapting to change. Driven by a thirst for challenge, you let nothing slow you down, forever pushing against all odds.


Curious. Adaptable. Expressive.


Wayfarer Gemini distils exactly who you are, a fast mover who lives to the fullest and knows what they want.


*Choose the hoop and dangle set below to suit the story you wish to tell.


  • Gemini dangle is measured at 9mm x 7mm (without hoop).
  • Crafted with 100% solid, precious metals (nothing plated, all recyclable).
  • Available in sterling silver or 9 carat yellow or rose gold.


*Wayfarer jewellery is interchangeable – ready to mix and match effortlessly. Note that the price is for a SINGLE set, not a pair.



Gemini Hoop Bundle


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About The Zodiac Collection

A connection to an ancient symbol that has been revered for centuries. Your zodiac sign represents the unique energy and essence that defines you as a person, a reminder of the traits and characteristics that make you who you are.


Feel the weight of its significance on your skin – let it be a source of protection and guidance on your journey through life, and connect you to the magic of the universe.

Personalised Jewellery

Pour your heart into the creation of our jewels by adding your own personal touch that resonates with you or your loved one.


Our charms are designed to mix & match – reflecting all that is unique to every individual story.

A collection of refined beauty to honour individual journeys. Your personal talisman carrying the hallmarks of love, the places you’ve seen, & the people you cherish with you wherever life takes you. 

Care for your jewels

Awaken the radiance and beauty of your precious jewellery with the magical elixir, Alchemy. A mineral-based potion that frees your gold, silver, and natural gemstones from dirt, and other impurities that dull it’s shine.


Because the non-toxic Alchemy has no shelf-life, this magical blend can be reused again and again. Simply pour and clean your jewels within the Sparkle Jar and reuse its contents until it runs dry! Everything within the Alchemy Sparkle Kit is reusable for the love of Mother Earth.

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